Thursday, October 17, 2013

Milwaukee with Kids in 36 Hours

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Milwaukee Art Museum (just before opening)
This past weekend we decided spontaneously that it was time for a change of scenery. Our criteria were an easy road trip and of course fun for all. Taking a look at the map; Milwaukee fit the bill. And, the travel time was perfect - a 90 minute drive from Chicago. For any Midwesterners out there, I highly recommend Milwaukee. We all had a terrific time and came home refreshed and recharged.
We checked into the Pfister Hotel, built in 1893. The kids were thrilled by the gorgeous lobby with its ornate murals and stunning details. The indoor pool was also a huge hit and the hotel was located in downtown Milwaukee and walking distance to the museums. 

After unloading our bags, we headed to the Milwaukee Public Market for lunch where much grazing was done by all. The market was impressive with vendors from all over and amazing ethnic choices. The kids were begging to go back for lunch the next day but instead we checked out Simple Café, a lovely spot offering delicious, organic plates on the Lower East side of Milwaukee.

After lunch,we hit Discovery World. Discovery World is a phenomenal museum offering simulated driving, flying, pulleys and unbelievable automatons...Our tired legs and the imminent closing time were the only reasons we couldn't stay longer.

Back to the hotel for a swim, some time relaxing and then dinner. We headed to the Safe House, a great recommendation by the concierge at the Pfister Hotel. The kids were perhaps a little too young to fully appreciate the "spy" theme but what a great spot for pre-teens/teens with all of the spy memorabilia.

Day Two:

Everyone knows that a trip to Milwaukee must include a visit to the infamous Milwaukee Art Museum. Be sure to get there just a little before opening time. At opening, the wings of the museum, designed by Spanish Santiago Calatrava, open up (see structure closed in image above). Not only is the structure gorgeous but the kids enjoyed exploring the museum's through the interactive itouch lent to us.

Finally, a trip to Milwaukee wouldn't be complete without visiting the ummm Harley-Davidson Museum. Can't say it was my top choice bit it definitely was an experience.

As we headed home, we also couldn't resist a stop at the Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Who can visit Wisconsin without cheese being involved?!

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